Urban Sketching Mastery + Group Coaching: The SeeTheLines Method

Awaken Your Inner Artist 'Super Sketcher' Bonus

3 Month of LIVE weekly 2-Hour Workshops

Repetition is the mother of skill, and that's exactly what we will be working through together in this bundle of group workshops. Each week you will get to sketch something new and challenging. The winning reference voted on submitted by each member in the group will get their chosen reference sketched. 

One exciting aspect of urban sketching is the variety of styles one can approach it with. We will take advantage of this by sketching in different mediums and approaches. From graphite, to water soluble ink, to ink & watercolor. And speed tests! From 15, 45, 90, to 180 minute sketches. Each will deliver a unique result and an ability you will harness.

Mastery Course Begins on July 24, 2020 at 11am PST

Introduction meeting - first workshop
lets get to work
2-Hour LIVE Workshop (2/12)

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Price: $997.00
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Created by:
Alán Ramiro

Sold by: SeeTheLines

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Expert Architecture Illustrator


With 10 years experience working in the architecture profession and a lifetime obsession in sketching, Alán is your guide to awaken super sketching skills without needing technical know-how or natural talent. He has discovered an intuitive process to sketching from his breakthrough living in Barcelona, Spain. Mastering the ability to sketch was an inner calling, but fears of self doubt and bad habits made it very difficult to pursue. 

When push came to shove, no money left, Alán had to take uncomfortable action to teach himself how to sketch in a fast, fluid, and fun way. So he hit the streets of Barcelona to sketch and sell postcards to tourists and locals alike. That was the catalyst that led him to 'SeeTheLines'. By creating an experience for people, in turn a connection and a memory to savor, sketching became a means to create, connect and serve. 

After having traveled to 20 countries, it is with utmost joy and passion that, Alán is now in the position to create immersive experiences to join him on his travel sketching journeys. You will  see the lines and begin to harness your own unique vision of creating a legacy of sketches.